Types of services offered by Web-Tools Co.


ALSHIBEL Co. Was Founded in 1985 as a construction Establishment to provide services in the entire range of General Contracting .ALSHIBEL Co. For Construction & Trading has been providing to its clients in K.S.A the reliable and reasonable solutions to their most complex construction success ever since. ALSHIBEL Co. expertise spans the whole construction contracting spectrum. The primary fields of ALSHIBEL Co. is specialized on , but not limited to:

  • Power plants
  • industrial facilities
  • Commercial, institutional and educational buildings
  • Housing projects
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Substations projects
  • Telecommunication and data centers
  • Infrastructure projects and facilities

ALSHIBEL Co. offers its service both as a Main contractor or Subcontractor or any other procurement method client may require ILSWBEL EST. offers its Target of Minimum Cost .High Quality and Short Time.


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